Should I write a letter to keep with my will?

When creating your will with Will Help, you can leave personal messages alongside gifts of specific or money. You can explain what you’re leaving, why you’re leaving it and what you want the recipient to do with it. Often, these messages are just as important as the gifts themselves.

But, sometimes, it’s the bigger picture that’s important for others to understand. Particularly if you’ve had to balance responsibilities you might have, or obligations you feel you should fulfil, to different people.

By making a will you’re taking the most important step to ensuring your wishes are followed. But if you think anyone might be disappointed by your choices, you may also want to write a letter to keep with your will. This should say, in your own words, why you think this will is the best thing to do by the people and/or causes that are important to you.

Here are some tips on writing a letter to keep with your will:

  • It’s usually best to address it to your executors, as they’ll be the people responsible for carrying out your wishes.
  • It should sound like you, so it’s important that the letter is in your words.
  • Finally, it should be signed and dated by you. Do not get this signed and witnessed, otherwise it might get confused for your actual, witnessed, will.