Registering your lasting power of attorney

Before you start…

Just a bit of admin before we begin. Make sure you’ve taken care of the following before you register the lasting power of attorney:

  • Read your LPA form and make sure everything is as it should be.
  • Make sure sections 1-11 have been signed in the correct order.
  • Send form LP3 to any ‘people to notify’ named in your LPA.
  • Your ‘people to notify’ will have three weeks to contact the OPG if they have any concerns about the power of attorney.

How to register a power of attorney

A lasting power of attorney must be registered with the Office of the Public Guardian. The donor can register it or one of the attorneys.

You may have made the lasting power of attorney using Will Help’s online form (LP1F or LP1H), The process of registering the form after you receive it.

  • Fill out sections 12-15 and sign.
  • Put the form in an envelope with the fee, if paying by cheque (more on this below).
  • Post the LPA to the Office of the Public Guardian at:

Office of the Public Guardian  

PO Box 16185 


B2 2WH