Preparing to apply for probate

  • Before applying for a grant of probate, you’ll need to report the value of the estate to HMRC. This applies whether or not inheritance tax is due. You’ll need to take into account:
  • The total value of any funds, property and belongings. To do this, you’ll need to reach out to the bank, pension providers and any other financial institutions holding assets. You’ll also need to get any property valued by an estate agent.
  • Any debts. Contact utility companies, loan companies, and mortgage and credit card providers to see how much (if anything) the person who has died owed to others.
  • Gifts. If the person who died gave gifts beyond the official allowance in the seven years before their death (don’t worry – birthday and Christmas gifts usually don’t count) these may be subject to IHT. Find out more about gifts and inheritance tax here.
  • You’ll need official copies of the death certificate and the will (if there is one) to get this information from various organisations. Once you have it, you’ll be able to establish whether any inheritance tax needs to be paid. You’ll also know whether a grant of probate or letter of administration is necessary.