What makes Will Help the right choice?

  • We’re experienced. We’ve helped thousands of families just like yours. No matter how big and complicated your estate is, we use qualified solicitors so you can trust us to make sure your wishes – and your loved ones – will be taken care of.
  • Affordable. We’ll give your family a fixed-fee quote up-front, and we’ll stick to it. We will base our fee on what your family needs help with, not on how much your estate is worth. This means we can be substantially cheaper than solicitors who take a percentage or an hourly rate.
  • Fast. We work hard to release funds as we collect them, so that estates are settled quickly and efficiently.
  • Flexible. Some families like to have a professional handle every part of settling an estate. Others just need a hand with the initial tax and probate documents. We offer a flexible service that’s tailored to the help that your family needs.
  • Responsible. Our complete estate administration service includes taking on total liability, protecting your family.
  • Open. We give every family a personal representative to take care of them and keep them up-to-date. And with our complete estate administration service.