How much does it cost to make a will?

Our prices start at just £90 – saving you up to £210 compared to solicitors on the high street.



I reached out to our solicitor to make changes to my will, originally they quoted £120 but after speaking with them on the few simple additions I needed to make, they explained that they need to write a new will and quoted me £349. Luckily I came across Will Help, managed to write my will for £90 and make changes to it online whenever I want.

– Claudia S.

Update your will anytime

If you choose to write a will with a solicitor on the high street, you would most likely need a codicil to amend or add to your will, costing around £70. If you require more than 10% change to your existing will, you will be advised to make a new will to avoid confusion. A new will from a solicitor could cost up to £500.
With Will Help you get unlimited updates free of charge for the first year and then £10 a year after.

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